What Are the Features of a Septic Tank and Where Is It Used?

07 Aug

This type of tank, known as a septic tank, is also referred to as a "foseptik tank" in our industry. These tanks are preferred in cases where a structure is far from the sewer system, there is no existing sewage system, or constructing a sewage system is not feasible. Their main purpose is to collect and dispose of waste materials or liquids.

Thanks to our company's superior manufacturing technology and the efforts of our R&D and product development departments, we produce two different models. Depending on the raw material used in production, these tanks are called plastic septic tanks and polyester septic tanks. For models produced using polyester raw material, you can refer to our polyester water tank page. We manufacture the tank you choose from there as a septic waste storage tank.


Waste storage processes should be carried out safely. There should be no leakage or cracks on the tank. As with all the tanks we produce, we provide high-security solutions for these tanks as well. These tanks are highly secure with their durable body, resistance to underground pressure, and specially reinforced structure against impacts.

What are the features of a septic tank?

We manufacture waste storage tanks in two different models using polyethylene and polyester raw materials. These tanks have superior features compared to their competitors in the industry. These features include:

• For polyethylene models, we use 1st grade LLDPE polyethylene raw material with world standards, specially imported from Europe, in our production.
• We manufacture septic tanks with capacities of 2 tons and 5 tons using polyethylene raw material.
• For polyester models, we use materials with fiberglass reinforcement and high impact resistance in production.
• Tanks produced using polyethylene or polyester raw materials are extremely easy to install.
• In polyester models, we can produce tanks in any capacity and size without volume restrictions. Standard models are produced up to 100 tons capacity.
• For underground use, simply pouring concrete onto the ground and creating a level surface is sufficient.
• The strong body structure of polyethylene and polyester models provides extra protection against corrosion.
• They do not decay in both above ground and underground use, ensuring safe use for many years.
• Tanks of any desired capacity can be produced in a short period.
• They have UV resistance.
• They allow easy storage of waste and quick discharge with the help of a vacuum truck.

These are the general features of septic tanks as mentioned above. Our septic tanks, which provide storage for liquid septage, offer safe use for a long time without the need for frequent emptying.

Where is a septic tank suitable for use?

Septic tanks are preferred in places where there is no central sewer system or liquid waste collection area. These tanks have a single purpose, which is to collect all liquid septage in one point. The main goal is to gather all liquid waste from toilets, showers, sinks, and other drains into these tanks. When choosing these tanks, the volume of the waste liquid should be calculated accurately. The usage amounts for how many houses or factories the waste will be collected from should be well analyzed. By doing so, you can use the septic tank safely without any problems.


Septic tank models offer practical usage.

Our tanks, which are of the best quality and safety, provide practical use. Their installation and connections are simple. There is the advantage of choosing between above ground and underground use. Thanks to their modern appearance and long-lasting structure, they offer a complete solution to your waste storage problems.

In the old days, deep septic pits were dug for waste storage. All the waste was collected in these pits. This method was not hygienic and contained various difficulties. With our tanks made from polyethylene and fiberglass-reinforced polyester raw materials, practical solutions started to be preferred. These tanks, which are long-lasting, have minimized costs, and are budget-friendly, bring their advantages to light. Additionally, their use in areas without a sewage system is legally supported by municipalities. There are various obligations, such as maintenance costs being covered by municipalities.

Forget all the difficulties with your waste storage needs with the septic tank produced by our company. Experience the comfort of simple and practical use. You can contact our expert sales consultants and R&D engineers for detailed information about the model you need.

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