What is Polyethylene Raw Material?

07 Aug

Polyethylene raw material, also known internationally as LLDP, is one of the thermoplastic varieties used in many different industries. It takes its name from the monomer form of ethylene, as it is produced using ethylene. In the plastic industry, it is also known as PE. Polyethylene can be either low-density or high-density. It is used in production by being poured into various molds and undergoing different processes.

Polyethylene raw material is used in the production of many different materials worldwide. Some of these include caps, pipes, kitchenware, toys, cable insulators, and packaging. The polyethylene raw material used in the production of polyethylene water tanks in our industry is recyclable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). With this LLDPE (PE) material, we manufacture storage tanks suitable for food and potable water. At Karmod Plastics, we also produce liquid storage tanks using fiberglass raw material and stainless chrome steel.


As a company, we use high-quality LLDPE polyethylene raw material imported exclusively from Europe to produce our water tanks. There are various types of polyethylene raw materials, and the quality of products manufactured depends on these varieties. In our water tank production, we use the best quality and food-grade raw materials for our tanks.

How is Polyethylene Water Tank Produced?

Various raw materials or materials are used in tank manufacturing, and LLDPE polyethylene raw material is used in our polyethylene water tank production. Our production is carried out using state-of-the-art rotational machines with rotating molds. With our molds specially prepared in different sizes and capacities, we carry out our production process.

The durable, hygienic, and modern molds connected to the rotational machines are filled with polyethylene raw material, which is then cooked in our machines. After the cooking process, we cool our molds in the cooling area and remove the finished products flawlessly from the molds. Thanks to the UV-stabilized feature of polyethylene material, we make it easier to use the tanks in cold and hot weather conditions, ensuring that even the tanks exposed to sunlight provide the highest level of liquid protection.

Polyethylene water tanks are produced using ready molds and therefore have a one-piece monoblock body. However, polyester and stainless tanks do not have these features. Especially these two types of tanks are produced with special craftsmanship and prioritize human labor. Also, our LLDPE polyethylene raw material is recyclable, so it does not harm the environment. When the tanks are no longer in use, they can be recycled in plastic facilities to produce raw materials for various other products.

 How to Make the Right Choice of Water Tank?

There are some factors that determine the selection of a water tank. These include the purpose of use, the area where the tank will be placed, and the quality of the raw material used in tank production. Polyethylene water tank models should be preferred for holding drinking and clean water, which are essential for human health. If the purpose is general water storage, polyester water tanks, which are produced with capacities of up to 100 tons, can be preferred.


In our industry, there are various water tank manufacturers. However, when it comes to holding drinking water, it is crucial to ensure that the polyethylene water tank production is made with high-quality raw materials. We value human health, and to produce polyethylene water tanks used for drinking water, we use the best raw material with food-grade suitability.

Where is Polyethylene Water Tank Used?

We manufacture environmentally friendly and healthy liquid tanks. Therefore, water and liquid storage tanks produced with polyethylene raw material can be used in various industries. Polyethylene water tanks are frequently preferred for individual use. They can be kept in attics or small-sized tanks can be stored in suitable places within homes. Due to the use of LLDPE polyethylene raw material, which is suitable for food, it is often used for holding drinking water.

Our large-sized tanks are used in industrial areas, factories, and various industrial zones. Thanks to the structure and production techniques of polyethylene raw material, it has a high impact resistance. Moreover, our blue tanks have high UV stabilization. With a long service life, high impact resistance, and food-certified liquid storage safety, Karmod Plastics tanks are always the leader in Turkey. If you have any more questions about polyethylene raw material and polyethylene water tank models, you can quickly get information from Karmod Plastics' expert team.

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