Why Do We Need Stainless Steel Water Tanks?

23 Oct


In today's world, there are various storage products used in different fields, with different designs and sizes. The most famous of these storage products is the polyethylene water tank models. This is because they have many different advantages, such as being more affordable, suitable for food contact, and being produced as a single piece, in addition to their economical price tag. Although storage products made from stainless steel have some similarities with polyethylene, they also have distinguishing features.

Storage products made from stainless steel have the advantage of on-site assembly due to their manufacturing process, whereas this feature is not available in storage products manufactured using polyethylene. This is because, due to the processing of polyethylene, tanks can be produced as a single piece and in a serial manner. To obtain stainless steel, chrome and nickel are mixed, resulting in a very high-quality stainless steel. This primary material is then combined using argon welding in tank design, resulting in storage products made from stainless steel. We have researched and compiled the reasons for using these storage products, and we have listed them below:

1) For High-Quality Water Storage

When storage products made from stainless steel are stored in sterile environments, high-quality water storage can be achieved. Water is one of the most commonly stored contents as a water source. Those who want to have a clean water source buy storage products made from stainless steel for storage. In addition to water storage, microbiology storage and shipments are also carried out within storage products made from stainless steel. Therefore, for the highest quality storage, you can choose storage products made from stainless steel.

2) For Storing Sensitive Contents

When it comes to storing sensitive contents, storage products made from stainless steel are the best choice. This is because they are highly robust. They are less susceptible to damage even in cases of accidental external impact. Even in situations such as accidentally dropping from a height, these storage products receive minimal damage compared to other types of tanks. They stand out for both their durability and their light insulation properties.

3) For the Highest-Quality Food Storage

Storage products made from stainless steel never rust. As the name suggests, they are rust-free. They are extremely durable, making them the best choice for storing high-quality food. They have no adverse effects on food and can store not only processed food but also semi-finished and raw food. In addition to storing food, they are ideal for chemical storage. These storage products also offer a variety of sizes. They are manufactured in various sizes, up to 100 tons. As the size of the model increases, a ladder support is added to the tank design to access the cover of the tank.

4) For Storing Light-Sensitive Contents

Stainless steel is a highly insulating material. Storage products made from this raw material do not allow any light to enter. This makes them ideal for storing light-sensitive contents. This light insulation is essential for both food and chemical contents. There are organic contents sensitive to light as well as chemical contents. Depending on the content you want to store, your choice of tank may vary. In addition, light insulation is crucial for sterilizing the interior of the tank. These tanks do not let any light in, preventing the formation of algae, bacteria, and parasites.

5) For Storing Contents at High Temperatures

The working temperature range of stainless steel is +80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, storage products made from stainless steel can also be used at this working temperature. This value is the highest among storage products. It is approximately close to the boiling point of water, which is 100 degrees Celsius. If you want to store organic contents at a high temperature, you can store them in these tanks. Additionally, due to its raw material structure, it can heat up and cool down quickly depending on the environment. You can easily store contents you don't want to spoil in cold environments. They can also be produced in any desired color palette, making it easier to categorize different contents. You can browse these products on our website and contact our customer representatives to purchase the models you like.

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