Rectangular Plastic Tanks

Plastic Rectangular Water Tanks, produced with Karmod's experience and expertise, offer cost effective water storage.

The water tanks are closed boxes in general where liquid is stored inside and that allow regular use in case of need. Thanks to its entry-exit housings, it prevents entry of any dust, dirt, waste material or harmful material. The concept of closed box is a suitable name for plastic rectangular water tank. It has a prismatic body as per its structure.

Thanks to their design, plastic rectangular water tank models have a structure that ensures full endurance to the ground, that does not affect fluctuation of liquid inside and that prevents harming tank. It has a footless and flat bottom. Thanks to full endurance of its bottom body to the ground, it ensures full protection of liquid inside even when it is on the move.

rectangular plastic tanks
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
100 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
100 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
100 Liters
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
200 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
200 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
200 Liters
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
300 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
300 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
300 Liters
Rectangular Plastic Tanks
500 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
500 Litre Rectangular Water Tank
500 Liters

Plastic tank group includes vertical, horizontal and rectangular water tank groups in general. We also have plastic vertical water tank that fully fits to the ground where the tanks will be places, as the rectangular model. It footless structure ensure opportunity to use the tank by fully contract to the ground from its bottom. The biggest difference of vertical tanks is to allow opportunity to store liquid in high tonnages up to 25 tons capacity.

Prices of plastic rectangular water tanks

We are a leader brans with our quality and price approach and expertise since 1986. We produce quality products with new generation technologies used in our productions. We provide service with our rectangular water tank produced customized for every need. We make difference also with quality service and with prices of rectangular water tank that has various advantages.

Thanks to its design, our water tanks produced for uses such as in-vehicle water tank, caravan tank, domestic water tank etc., is preferred in all areas for individual use. Thanks to its structure, it is preferred with peace in mind for movable areas. Our products that are preferred often for individual uses, will not harm your budget with prices of rectangular water tanks. You can store your potable water with our tanks that will not harm your budget and that you can use for long years.

Plastic square water tank, has the most suitable sales numbers amongst product group. Our square models that are the most ideal products for individual uses, have the most attractive advantages with regard to price.

Plastic rectangular water tank models

One of the designs of our company revealed that has a rich variety in water tank production, is the plastic rectangular water tank models. These models that are produced as ideal ones for individual uses, includes 4 types as 100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters and 500 liters. A general characteristic of Karmod water storage tanks is its concepts that are special and improvable for different areas of use.

Rectangular water tank models are suitable for your all needs. In general, it is used for storing a basic liquid such as water. However, it can be turned into a structure suitable for use of all liquids such as acid, fuel, diesel oil, chemical, detergent, food liquid, etc., with its transitive reinforcement processes and increasing its wall thickness. Our tanks allowing opportunity for storing different liquids, can be used easily in all spaces with their small designs and easy to carry structures, such as home, gardens, garages, vehicles, caravans, factories, offices or anywhere you can image.

In larger area, it can be preferred our polyester and stainless model water tanks. If it will be used in agricultural purposes, we have a conical silo tank with iron legs that can store various liquid and solid foods.

Rectangular water tanks are produced in 4 different models

Our products containing 4 different models as standard, can be produced in different tonnages and dimensions with their special production and new mould designs. Dimensions of plastic rectangular water tank is fixed with our standard productions. However, for tanks to be purchased collectively or to be produced by making special projection, models and dimensions can be changed. We, Karmod Plastic realize special productions with use of all types of plastic raw materials and you realize mould designs for all needs with the highest quality masters in the sector taking place in our corporation.

There is production opportunity in different colors for all of our water tank models as well as rectangular water tank models. We realize productions in white and blue colors as standard. However, we realize production in accordance with desired color based on our customers’ need. Orange, red, green and gray tanks are preferred often in addition to white and blue colors in rectangular water tank models.

Plastic rectangular water tanks areas of use

If you are looking for a tank that is suitable for every need, that contains every type of liquid and that is easy to use, rectangular models are the most correct choice for you. Thanks to its small structure and wide area of use, characteristics of rectangular water tank are suitable for every need. We can never limit its advantages and areas of use. It can be reinforced completely in accordance with user need, it can be colored, produced as laminated and customized by producing in various capacities.

Characteristics of rectangular water tank have various advantages in addition to be economical. Thanks to these advantages, it has a wide range of area of use. Recently, the person especially travelling with a caravan, prefer plastic square water tanks for their caravan clean water tank and caravan waste water tank needs. Thanks to its structure, it can be easily be used in caravans or below vehicles. Besides, rectangular water tank models are preferred in industrial areas although it is not very often. We, Karmod Plastic, produce products that are durable against +100 degree as the hot water tank. It provides solution for needs for hot water use in production and machine areas in big factory areas. Basic definition of the water tanks is to ensure opportunity to store and use liquid. For this reason, square tanks can also be used as water feeding tank for specially manufactured machines.

As it can be seen, it has a wide areas of use regardless of dimensions amongst dimensions of plastic rectangular water tank. For any of individual or industrial areas, rectangular water tan models can provide solution. You can check our products for water storage solutions with their capacities from 100 liters to 500 liters, and you can receive a price offer quickly.

How can a rectangular polyethylene water tank be installed in a specific area?
Rectangular designed tanks are ideal for installation in compact spaces due to their smaller volume. When selecting the installation area for a tank, it is crucial to ensure cleanliness and safety of the surroundings. If the tank is to be placed in a mobile vehicle such as a truck, caravan, or yacht, it is recommended to choose a clean area that avoids direct exposure to sunlight. It is also advisable to allocate an appropriate space that accommodates the dimensions of the tank.
How often should I clean my rectangular polyethylene water tank?
Regular cleaning is essential for rectangular tanks, and it is recommended to clean them at least twice a year. By maintaining a consistent cleaning schedule, unpleasant odors and harmful bacteria formation inside the tanks can be prevented. In the case of sensitive or food storage, it is advisable to clean the tank after each use. This practice is particularly important to remove any food residues that may decay over time and potentially contaminate newly stored contents. Thus, cleaning after each use is highly recommended.
What is the best way to clean my rectangular polyethylene water tank?
When cleaning rectangular tanks, it is important to pay attention to the sharp corners and ensure thorough cleaning, leaving no sediments behind. The design of the tank's throat aims to facilitate cleaning. It is recommended to avoid using harsh chemicals or scented cleaners during the cleaning process. Instead, cleaning with pressurized water up to a certain level can effectively remove impurities.
Can repairs be conducted on my polyethylene rectangular water tank?
Damages can occur in tanks due to various factors associated with usage. To prevent such damages, it is advisable to store your tank in a secure and enclosed area. In the event of damage, repairs can be carried out at our manufacturing facilities. Each repair is conducted using the same raw material as the tank's original production, ensuring the integrity of the tank's design.
How can I connect my rectangular polyethylene water tank to my home plumbing?
Every tank is equipped with a fitting called a "manşon" (coupling). You can easily attach a standard faucet to the manşon, which can be found at most hardware stores. This enables you to establish an independent plumbing system if desired. By using the manşon, you can seamlessly connect your purchased tank to your home's water supply and utilize its contents conveniently.
Which rectangular polyethylene water tank should I choose?
The most suitable tank choice depends on your specific storage needs. To cater to diverse requirements, these tanks are available in various sizes. You can explore our website to find a model that perfectly matches your storage needs or consult with our customer representatives to receive personalized guidance and make the optimal tank selection.
Can I store food in my rectangular polyethylene water tank?
You can confidently store food in your rectangular polyethylene water tank as polyethylene is internationally recognized as a food-grade material. It poses no harm to the stored contents whatsoever. In fact, many products that come into direct contact with food are made from polyethylene due to its excellent safety and hygiene properties.
How can I find a rectangular polyethylene water tank that suits my needs or brand?
Finding the ideal polyethylene water tank that aligns with your specific requirements or brand can be achieved through a personalized approach. As a manufacturer of rectangular tanks, we prioritize catering to diverse needs and offer a wide range of sizes to choose from. By communicating your desired tank capacity, the type of contents you intend to store, and your usage preferences to our knowledgeable customer representatives, they can assist you in swiftly identifying the most suitable tank for your specific needs.
Does a rectangular polyethylene water tank shield against harmful radiation?
Our storage products are meticulously crafted using premium-grade materials, and polyethylene boasts remarkable resistance against harmful radiation. Therefore, our rectangular tanks are designed with built-in insulation to ensure that no harmful radiation penetrates the tank's interior. This robust shielding guarantees a safe and protected environment inside the tank, promoting the well-being of the stored contents.
What materials and manufacturing techniques are used to produce a rectangular polyethylene water tank?
Rectangular tanks are skillfully manufactured using linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) as the primary raw material. Through the employment of rectangular molds, these tanks are seamlessly produced without the need for additional components or rivets, following a monoblock production method. This meticulous manufacturing approach enhances the structural integrity and durability of the tanks, ensuring they remain sturdy and long-lasting throughout their lifespan.
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